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Allison wrote:

Hi, guys —

When our daughter was born in 2011 some of our family, (choices for Godparents), were going through a lot of personal issues including a separation among other things.

That, along with us being new to our area after a move, has brought us to where our daughter has still not been baptized. My husband also isn't Catholic and we weren't married in the Church however we want to raise our daughter Catholic.

  • Can we still get her baptized at this age?

Thank you so much for all you do.


  { With all the baptismal and marital issues in our lives, can we still get her baptized at this age? }

Fr. Jonathan replied:

Dear Allison,

Yes. Once your child reaches the age of 7, it becomes their choice and not yours, but until the age of 7 you can have your children presented for Baptism.

Separate from that, now is the time to work out your situation and get your marriage validated.

It may be complicated, but meet with the priest about the Baptism and tell him about your marriage situation. If your husband is unwilling, then tell the priest this and he still will be able to help you.

Fr. Jonathan

Mike replied:

Fr. Jonathan,

I must be missing something. I thought the age was much later like 14.

See this posting:


Fr. Jonathan replied:


Age of adult Baptism is 7. Meaning they get some choice in the matter and you have to confirm them in the same ceremony. (See Canon 852)

It refers to the age of reason which is 7. (See Canon 97) Mary Ann's answer is about RCIA.

Many parishes use something they call RCIC for children under 14 but that is not canonical.

There is also a Canon that speaks about the age of 14 which you might be mixing this up with (Canon 863) but this is a canon about the celebrant, not the recipient.

Fr. Jonathan

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