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Joseph Talbot wrote:

Hi, guys —

Because of anxiety problems I have, I tend to stay away from large crowds and do not like going to Sunday Mass on medications because of their side effects. For this reason, I have been going to Mass on Monday instead of Sunday.

I have no anxiety issues on Monday because of the small attendance of people and also I enjoy and receive much more out of the Monday Mass than when I go on Sundays.

I would appreciate you comments and opinion about this practice.



  { Because of my anxiety problems is it OK to go to Mass on Monday instead of on Sunday? }

Mike replied:

Dear Joseph,

We answered a similar question but can't find it in the database.

The Church has no authority to change any of the Ten Commandments.

Because Jesus is one substance with the Father, what He laid down in the Old Testament, for our own well being, can't be changed. The Scriptures themselves say that our bodies were meant for the Sabbath and the Sabbath, under the New Covenant, is Sunday, not Monday.

While I applaud you for going to Mass on Monday, and you receive many graces from any Mass you go to, this does not obviate your obligation to renew your weekly Covenant by going to Mass on Sundays.

I would talk to or make an appointment with your local priest or pastor to address how this issue can be resolved. Maybe there is a nearby parish with fewer parishioners in attendance or a Saturday Vigil Mass with fewer parishioners.

Fr. Jonathan may have something to say on this issue.

I searched the database for you and found these web postings that may help.

There are a lot of quick answers in our database, so give it a try next time.

I hope this helps,


Fr. Jonathan replied:

Hi Mike,

I had to wait until Monday to answer this one so that I could double check my Canon Law books.

This man should do this formally. He needs a commutation.

A commutation is in the same category as a dispensation.

  • A dispensation does away with an obligation in a particular case.
  • A commutation moves the obligation to another day.

The man's pastor is competent to give him the commutation.

See Canon 1245.

Fr. Jonathan

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