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Roy Doyle wrote:

Hi, guys —

My questions today are:

  • If I sin will it cause an accident somewhere else in the world?
  • If I sin will it cause someone else in the world to sin that I don't know, say if I have committed the sin behind closed doors?
  • I know I can cause someone to sin if they see me sin, but if they don't know I committed a sin, can something terrible in the world happen because of my sinning?
  • Can I cause someone to commit a crime? (Like some sort of indirect temptation.)
  • I know sinning can cause accidents but can I cause a truck to crash in New York
    if I commit a mortal sin?

If you could answer these questions ASAP it would be appreciated.

Thanks to Mike and the team very, very much.


  { If I sin will it cause an accident somewhere else in the world even if it's done in private? }

Bob replied:


While it may be that all sin in some way affects the whole of humanity, it does not cause events to happen in the manner in which you described.

For example, a truck accident anywhere is not the result of someone's misdoings in their domicile. That would make all sin the equivalent of a voodoo curse or spell. It just doesn't have that much power. Grace abounds all the more though sin is prevalent.

What private personal sin really does is diminish your own sanctity and thereby makes you less able to fulfill God's plan in being light and salt to others.


Bob Kirby

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