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Susan Jones wrote:

Hi, guys —

Around the age of 9, my mother looked into Catholicism for myself and I was accepted into the Catholic Church. I received my First Holy Communion not long after and have since lived my life as a Catholic. I recently had a daughter and I am now looking into having her baptized Catholic.

I have spoken to my parish priest who checked the First Communion records and told me he couldn't find any sacramental records and suggested that the priest that carried out my First Communion at the time wasn't very good at keeping records.

I also went to a Catholic junior school for a few years and a Catholic High School searching for them.

  • Would you have any advice on where I could go from here?

My parish priest has said he is not very hopeful. I understand that this is an unusual situation but I would hope that there is something more I can do considering this is just a case of having the correct records.

Many thanks,


  { What should I do if want my daughter baptized but the priest misplaced my sacramental records? }

Fr. Jonathan replied:


If you were received into the Catholic Church at age 9 the record would not be in the First Communion book but in either:

  • the Baptism Register or,
  • if the parish has one, a special register for RCIA.

If it is not there, then with affidavits a record could be placed there.

It should have no effect however on whether you baptize your daughter.

Speak again to your parish priest but this time tell him the whole situation and I am sure he will help you. I imagine the first time you only asked him a specific question — perhaps as limited as:

  • Could you see if there is a record of my First Communion?

Fr. Jonathan

Susan replied:

Dear Fr. Jonathan,

Thank you for your quick response and many thanks for your help.


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