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Debajit Mondal wrote:

Dear Sir,

  • I would like to know that why do Catholics believe that Mary, being a mortal person, was taken into Heaven in her earthly body?

I asked a Catholic friend of mine about this but I am not sure if he was right.

He said that as there is no reference in the Bible of what happened to Mary and that it is an assumption (pardon the pun), however, there are many godly people and saints in the Bible whose death the Bible is silent upon.

I have read in the Bible of Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus being taken bodily into Heaven, but not about Mary.

  • Could you please give me a Biblical reference supporting the Assumption of Mary into Heaven?

I hope you do not find my question offensive or hurtful as that is not my intent.


  { Could you please give me a Biblical reference support for the Assumption of Mary into Heaven? }

Bob replied:


While there is no Biblical reference for the assumption of Mary's body into Heaven, there is precedent, as you pointed out, in these other figures.

The Catholic teaching is derived from Oral Tradition that extends into the very Early Church.

There is also significant historical evidence reinforcing the assertion although not conclusive proof.

For example, while the early Christians made it a point to make claims to relics from every conceivable famous Christian saint, to the point where there were rivalries and disputes among locales as to who had the authentic remains, there are no claims with respect to Mary. None.

And, recognizing her incredible role as the mother of the God-man, her relics would have been the holy grail for any community. Still, no one lays claim to any part of her remains because they would have been dismissed as liars for the universal Church was aware that the virgin was not to be claimed, for the Lord took her.

There is much more you can read about if you check out Catholic Answers online. [Search reults]


Bob Kirby
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