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Debbie wrote:

Hi, guys —

My 19-year-old son has lost his faith. He says he no longer believes in the Bible, Jesus, or God. He has grown up in a close knit, practicing Catholic family. This will be a complete shock to many family members. He has two terrific Godparents (not from the same family). One of them was also his Confirmation sponsor.

  • Should I tell them the issues we are having with their godchild and his decision to leave the faith?

I'm torn because this is a big issue to deal with and others in the family are not being told. It could cause hurt feelings if they were not made aware of this situation and it would be hard for me to ask them not to repeat this information to their spouses or others. It could open a can of worms within the family.

I think as part of their Godparent and Confirmation sponsor responsibility they should be told so they can possibly offer help in this situation.

Please give me guidance on this situation.


  { Should I tell them the issues we are having with their godchild and his decision to leave the faith? }

Bob replied:


I would tell the Godparents and sponsor so they can join in prayer for your son.

Talking to him may or may not do any good; loving him will help, as well as witnessing the power of faith in your lives. He has all the intellectual stuff he needs. What he needs now is an experience of the power of God directly in his life (and those around him) if his eyes are to be opened.

Pray for this moment, or series of moments to happen and then set in for the long haul like Augustine's mother, Saint Monica did.


Bob Kirby

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