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Patricia Bowen wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a writer in college and I hope to one day to publish my stories.

At the moment, I am starting a book series however one thing that has been bothering me is that, although the books are not necessarily about magic, they contain things such as:

  • spell casting
  • potions
  • enchanting, etc.

My hope is to publish books with stories related to things going on today that would also teach people how to be more understanding and kind but I have been so worried thinking that, because my books have magic in them, I am going against God somehow.

Let me say up front that I love God and Jesus very much. They have given me all that I have and I could not be more thankful. In no way am I writing these stories to go against Him or anybody who has anything against magic-related stories. Hopefully, they are meant to simply teach and entertain. They just happen to have magic and an interesting plot to make the stories entertaining.

I will admit that, like any other story, there are dark characters who may use dark magic but the stories will also have good magic used for good as well and they are not meant to support dark magic practices.

I have prayed to both God and Jesus explaining to them all that I have just told you and to let Them know that I am simply a fan of movies, books, etc. that involve magic. I was a Disney fan growing up and occasionally I liked to pretend to be someone who could cast good-related spells and such but in no way do I support evil or the guy downstairs.

I have spoken to my family about this and they all believe that since my stories are fiction and used for entertainment, it does not count as a sin or go against God or Jesus. We are all Catholic but at the same time have our own respectful beliefs.

All I want is the opinion of another Catholic Christian.

  • Am I a bad person for considering writing books with magic?

Thank you for listening and please consider all that I have said.

God bless!

Patricia Bowen

  { Is it OK to write books having magic and dark characters if their intent is to teach and entertain? }

Bob replied:

Dear Patricia,

Don't fear following this vocation; consider the work of JRR Tolkien. He had wizards, dark wizards and all kinds of things that might be construed as non-Christian, yet his work was imbued symbols that resonate with Christians.

It really comes down to how you use your values to inform your story and create a message consistent with the faith.


Bob Kirby

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