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Brian Carpentier wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • I was wondering if you could tell me if the New and Improved Redmen are compatible with the Catholic faith?
  • In other words, is it OK to be a member of Catholicism and this organization?


  { Is it OK to be a member of Catholicism and the Improved Order of Red Men? }

Mike replied:

Dear Brian,

I am not familiar with the New and Improved Redmen and do not know if this organization is on a forbidden list of organizations the Church warns the faithful about but the sources on Wikipedia did not speak very well of them.

From Wikipedia:

Under the Rituals section I found this:

The order itself claims direct descent from the Sons of Liberty, noting that the Sons participated in the Boston Tea Party dressed as Native Americans. Thus, they continue to dress as Native Americans and are organized into tribes and such.

Like its organization, the Order ritual terminology is derived from language attributed to Native Americans, though it also shows the influence of Freemasonry.

That said, any organization that has had its rituals influenced by Freemasonry and that has secret signs (from their own site) would be an organization to stay far away from.

From their site:

Question: Must I memorize a large amount of unwritten or secret work?

Answer: No — You will be required to know the password and the secret signs of the Order, both of which may be learned in only a few minutes.

I hope this helps,


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