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Kevin Proudler wrote:

Hi, guys —

If you know what it is like to be poor, and become so by truly experiencing it yourself, then no other person can deceive you into believing that your true experience is far different from what it truly is. After all, truth is truth.

However, if there is a truth that you are still at a distance from, then you can be deceived into accepting a false belief. The point is, you still can be deceived if you have no direct connection to certain truths thus for deceitfulness to be effective, it must be presented at a time when these certain truths are not yet known.

Thus if things like true Bible Codes are, at some time, to be presented to the world, False Bible Codes would no doubt appear beforehand. This is Satan's way of deceit. False Bible Codes have been discovered and later on were identified as rubbish, bogus, etc.

This is of no surprise. After all, false means false so the question arises:

  • Why, today, would true Bible Codes immediately be identified as rubbish, bogus, and trash and be rejected without even a second thought that they may be true?

Kevin Proudler

  { Why would Bible Codes immediately be identified as rubbish when they may be true? }

Bob replied:


The question you posit begs another question:

  • Are there such a thing as true Bible Codes?

I think the matter is not subscribed to by all and therefore doubt whether their very existence would spawn preemptive dismissal.

For some others, they are intriguing, and still others, hold them as Gospel. In the Catholic faith they have never played any real role and certainly imply a kind of secret knowledge which actually relates to Gnosticism — a heresy that was condemned in the Early Church.

Gnostics held that the true gospel was in essence a secret knowledge and enlightenment, without which one would perish. It put the message of salvation out of reach for ordinary folk.

I would beware that this isn't just another form if Gnosticism and consider whether it is true or not.


Bob Kirby

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