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Carol McMann wrote:

Hi, guys —

My question is complex, and is not about me, but rather one of my lady friends.

Her husband has been neglecting her as she ages. It started with some physical problems. She is 76 and he is 71. They have been married 33 years.

They recently moved and he has been taken up with a younger woman after knowing her for less than a month!! She lives two doors away and knows my lady friend. He told his wife he wants a divorce. Meanwhile:

  • he goes to this woman's home
  • spends the night
  • tells my friend he is going there, and
  • that they are buying a house together before he divorces my friend.

This woman is a divorced Catholic and her ex- died a few years ago. She wants the man to become Catholic then they will marry when his divorce is final. I have lost respect for this man and my lady friend is devastated.

  • What would this immoral man have to do in order to become Catholic and marry this woman?

This would be his third marriage and second divorce. I am Catholic, and find this whole thing so horrible and hurtful to my lady friend.

Thank you so much for your answers.

God Bless all of you who answer these questions.


  { What would this immoral man have to do to become Catholic and marry this other woman? }

Bob replied:


How right you are in describing this as horrible. I can't begin to imagine the pain your friend feels.

For this other woman to marry this man (in the Catholic Church), he will likely need to have an annulment, which may involve an assessment of more than one marriage.

There is little that your friend can do right now other than take her distress to The Lord and get a good attorney. My guess is he has been down this road before and he won't turn back.

How sad, but a great blessing that she has friends like you. Please continue to be her support; she'll need you more than ever.

Prayers and sympathy to you and yours,

Bob Kirby

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