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Hurting Helen wrote:

Hi, guys —

Thank-you so much for all you do. I have seen a similar question but not my exact question.

  • Is it a sin to have the uterus removed to relieve chronic pain when it is not a life threatening condition?
  • Maybe this pain is my cross to bear?

It started after the birth of my first child and has increased with age. It is not life threatening but the pain can be very severe. We have four beautiful children and I would like more; however my husband is quite happy with four.

Thank you so much and have a blessed day.


  { Can I remove part of my sexual anatomy to relieve chronic pain when it is not life-threatening? }

Bob replied:


Pain is often the body's indicator that something is wrong. You should find out what is causing it.

That being said, surgery (of this type) should only happen for grave reasons, not simply to relieve discomfort, unless it becomes debilitating. You should consult your physician to see what can be done short of altering your fertility. Ultimately, Openness to life is integral to a healthy marriage and you should try to maintain that, and be united in that, as a couple.

It sounds as though you have a good attitude about it already, but having more medical answers would be prudent before giving it further consideration.


Bob Kirby

Mike replied:

Hi, Helen —

While we welcome all sincere questions from our web site and some of us are very knowledgeable, we are not Catholic ethicists. We refer most, if not all, people with issues of Catholic ethics similar to your question to:

The National Catholic Bioethics Center

They also have a Consultation Request page.

I hope this helps,

Mike Web Administrator

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