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Rasmus wrote:

Dear Sir/Madam,

First and foremost, I hope this question won't insult anyone which is, in no way, my purpose.

A friend of mine claims that the Roman Catholic Church is trying to convince us that there are alien visitors from outer space. Personally, I think this statement contradicts many of the fundamental teachings of the Christian faith but this only my own opinion, which leads to my two questions:

  1. Does the Catholic Church believe in aliens?
  2. Is the Church trying to convince the world about the existence of aliens?

Yours faithfully,


  { Does the Catholic Church believe in aliens and are they trying to convince everyone they exist? }

Bob replied:


There is no effort on behalf of the Catholic Church to convince people there are aliens. There is no teaching on aliens. It is not part of the content of faith. If there are aliens, Christ didn't mention them so we're not too concerned about them.

Maybe someone heard someone talking about illegal aliens, which the Church has made comments regarding, under the wider umbrella of simply immigrants.

Since Catholic doctrine seeks fairness and justice for the under classes and poor, statements have been made that look as though the Catholic Church supports illegal immigration and thereby is supporting aliens. This could have turned into a grapevine distortion that turned into aliens from outer space by some confused gossiper.

That is the only way I could make sense out of this otherwise crazy assertion.


Bob Kirby

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