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Keaton Peart wrote:

Hi, guys —

I was watching an educational show on the television about Neanderthals, (one of the ancient species of humans and the only one that lived at the same time as Homo sapiens [us] did, who were much stronger than us but slightly less intelligent), and their extinction.

During the show, they said that there was evidence that Neanderthals had religion (burying their dead and items that had no practical use being buried with their dead) and that they even procreated with homo sapiens on the rather uncommon occasion that they met and didn't end up fighting each other, probably over some misunderstanding.

I want to know whether or not other species of humans, like Neanderthals, had souls.


  { Did other species of humans, like Neanderthals, have souls? }

Bob replied:


We just don't know enough to comment definitively, but maybe. We know that Adam and Eve are more than allegorical figures and were real persons. We know we are descended from them but about others we simply aren't told.

Knowing about ancient history is kind of like proving aliens are real; they could exist, but the Bible is silent on them. Since Neanderthals are extinct, they don't seem to have factored highly in God's plan for the world and the coming of His Son so, while it is interesting to ponder, the issue doesn't carry much weight in the history of salvation.


Bob Kirby

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