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K. wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a teen who was baptized into the Catholic Church but I never received my First Communion or Confirmation. This is because my family has not gone to church in a while. I have been studying the ways and teachings of the Catholic Church and I would like to re-attend the Church and take part in receiving Our Lord through the Eucharist. My questions are:

  • To receive my First Communion and Confirmation, will I have to go through RCIA even though I have been baptized?
  • In addition, what is a good way confront my parents about wanting to attend church?

I know that God wants me to respect and honor my parents so I would like to confront them respectfully.

  • Should I contact my parish's office to see if I can speak with a priest?

Thank you for your time,

— K.

  { If I haven't received my First Communion do I need RCIA and how do I confront my parents? }

Bob replied:

Dear K.,

You will probably need to attend RCIA before receiving Confirmation but you will find it is worth it. It will only increase your understanding and commitment to follow Our Lord.

Don't worry about confronting your parents and don't consider it a confrontation. Just simply tell them you would like to go to church and, if it isn't too much trouble, could they give you a ride. They love you and I'm sure will want to help you out.

It may even witness to them if you simply share how your life is changing without trying to guilt or pressure them into changing their ways.

Most parents worry about the awful things their kids can get into in their teen years. Going to church is in the realm of the happy dance for most parents; I think you have little to worry about.

God bless you and your journey,

Bob Kirby

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