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Genevieve wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Is it normal for me to have visions of people from different eras dying, being scared, or wanting to say their peace to someone?

I once had a vision of a little girl in a white dress and pigtails. When I was drawing it out, my roommate saw it and started crying. She had asked me where I had seen her. I said I saw it as daydream when my eyes were wide open (as if it were a flashback) and it showed me this little girl and where she lived.

The little girl showed me her house and I described it to my roommate. My roommate had then told me her best friend looked that way. She told me that I described her friend's house in perfect detail.

After that, I saw an image of the little girl drowning. I had asked my friend if that's the way the little girl died and she said that's the way she did die. I then instantly felt bad that I had seen it happen but the little girl had died in Mississippi the year I was born. There's no possible way I had watched her die. My beloved fiancé says I talk and cry in my sleep too.

  • Could this be me unconsciously connecting with these visions?

I also have vibes when I go to certain places. As if I can sense evil in the area. I went into my godson's room one time while trying to put him to bed. I couldn't help but be so afraid in that room alone. He had nightmares all throughout the night. The next day he didn't want to leave my side as if he was afraid of his own room. I grabbed some holy water and made Signs of the Cross sprinkling holy water toward each wall. I prayed for hours to make the feeling of evil leave.

As I was about to walk out the room I had a vision of a lady running through the woods in bare feet screaming. She was later lit on fire. Her clothing was from around the civil war era. I said out loud

"May peace be with you and may your soul be sent to Heaven."

My godson has had no problems sleeping in his room since. He's only two years old and won't speak so it's not like I knew what was making him scared.

  • Am I a freak?
  • Can I see dead people?

I want answers but I am afraid to know what the reply will be.


  { Am I a freak who can see dead people or is it normal for me to have these visions and events? }

Mike replied:

Dear Genevieve,

We are not priests or spiritual directors and these are the people you really need to talk to.

Our goal is primarily to clear up misperceptions about the Catholic faith and Catholic teachings.

For us to even try to act as priests, spiritual directors, or psychologists would be irresponsible. Talk to or make an appointment with your local pastor and share with him this and any nuances of your situation that you may have left out of your original question.



Bob replied:


You could have a gift of discernment of spirits from the Holy Spirit. Some people lump every kind of extra sensory perception into a group as simply psychic but that is not adequate for a Christian context. God can grant these kind of visions but you will need to be careful for unfortunately He isn't the only operator in the unseen world.

As Mike said, it would be best to speak to a priest, especially one who is experienced in the charismatic gifts of the Spirit. This gift is meant for others, as you have already figured out.

A spiritual director could help you navigate through when things get a little confusing. The devil (or demons) could try to intimidate you, deceive you, or tempt you when you have a closer run in with them. They don't like the competition sowing peace where they are trying to sow hate.

Keep all things in prayer and you could do tremendous good.


Bob Kirby

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