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Cody wrote:

Hi, guys —

I enjoy playing story-based video games and, as a whole, they include sex scenes. They are only PG-13 content and sometimes the characters are wearing underwear. I have never seen the content myself because I choose to either skip the sex scene entirely (very east to do) or I turn off the T.V. and skip it.

In addition, despite the lack of explicit content, the games do allow you to hire prostitutes or engage with someone of the same gender. None of this reflects the purpose of these games and only comprise a small part of a twenty to sixty hour game. The focus is on the characters, plot, and setting. I enjoy that part and avoid the objectionable content. I don't expose myself to temptation nor do I feel that this is a near occasion of sin for me.

Well, someone told me that playing such games may be the same thing as reading bad books which a saint said (based on a vision) was one of the leading causes of sending people to Hell.

  • Is this true?
  • Am I really putting my soul at risk even though I don't feel I am being tempted into sin?



  { [Does playing these type of video games really put my soul at risk though I don't feel tempted? }

Bob replied:


I would not want to patronize anything that advocates pretend prostitution solicitation.

This kind of product represents the worst in American culture and runs counter to the Gospel. Although much of our entertainment consists of sex and violence, it goes above and beyond the pale when it provides a means to exploit this kind of adulterous fantasy.

I wouldn't want to encourage these libertines who make this trash with my money.

Don't live your life simply avoiding temptation but help make a dent in the culture for God.
We are all called to be evangelizers, now do something about it.


Bob Kirby

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