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Jessica Wit wrote:

Hi, guys —

My name is Jessica and I'm from Malaysia.

  • Can Catholics or any other Christians listen to heavy metal music?

I know that black metal is particularly about the bad side of Christianity or satanic therefore
I don't listen to it but there were other metal classifications that were not under the category black metal or satanic metal.

I like to listen to metal bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Black Veil Brides which had the elements of hard rock. They had meaningful lyrics with a clear message that taught me something in life.

Basically, what I viewed of rock and metal (with the exception of black metal) was it had hidden and meaning messages that none of the nowadays songs in pop or R+B (Rhythm and Blues) have that just scream out the word sex in it.

  • Based on what I have said, again, can Catholics or other Christians listen to heavy metal music?

By the way, I'm against black metal.

Jessica Wit

  { Can Catholics or any other Christians listen to heavy metal music? }

John replied:

Hi, Jessica —

Heavy metal covers a large spectrum of music. Early Classic Rock, like Cream, for example, was classified as heavy metal, because of the Wall of Sound it created, so I'm not going to say one can't listen to a particular style.

Some of the more recent metal is much more troubling. The lyrics and vocals always sound angry and the sound tends to stimulate the part of the brain where rage comes from. The lyrics,
of course, are particularly problematic.

I would recommend using caution and discernment. Certainly if certain music and/or lyrics put you in an unholy mood, then stay away from it.


Eric replied:

Hi, Jess —

There is nothing inherently evil about a form of music although, if the lyrics are consistently unwholesome, I'd stay away.

It can also be problematic if, in the culture of being a fan, you get introduced to drugs by going to a concert. There is even Christian heavy metal music, of which I have a few albums and enjoy.

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