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Karla Mayers wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Is it sinful to watch music videos on YouTube, that were not uploaded by the content owner, but by random people who saved various videos to their favorites playlist so they could go back to watch and listen to the videos at a later date?
  • If that it sinful, is it still sinful if you, watch and listen to the music video on YouTube that was not uploaded by the content owner but, plan to buy the music at a later date?


  { Is it sinful to watch and listen to music videos that were not uploaded by the content owner? }

Eric replied:

Hi, Karla —

I don't think there is explicit direction from the Church on this specific point.

I would argue, which music videos are pirated and which are not, is too much for an individual to police.

The provenance of the videos:

  • may be genuine, or
  • the publisher may intend the videos to be distributed to promote the music.

The copyright owners have recourse to taking illicit videos down if they really want to.

As long as you don't know for sure that the content is illegitimate, and you're not the one doing the pirating, I think this would be OK.

If you like a song enough to favorite it and listen to it over and over though, my opinion is it would be good to go ahead and buy it sooner rather than later, before you forget.

It's a small sum and only fair to the content owners.


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