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Maryam Sarkees wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a Christian from Iraq and my sister is in love with a Muslim guy. She wants to marry him but my family, of course, doesn't agree with this marriage.

She says he is a good guy, that he respects her, and she found everything she ever wanted in him. He promised her to stay in her religion as a Christian.

We are praying that this marriage does not happen and I need real evidence to convince her to leave him; evidence that wouldn't blame us.



  { Can you provide some wisdom that would convince my Christian sister not to marry this Muslim? }

Bob replied:

Dear Maryann,

We will pray for your sister and your family. Remind her that under Muslim law she has no rights and he is not obliged to honor anything he promises before marriage. Furthermore, he will be pressured by other Muslim men to control his wife and bring her into line with sharia law or there could be severe consequences for either of them. In the United States, there may be more leniency but in Iraq it could be dangerous.

I would also point out that a successful marriage requires more than love but compatibility on a number of levels, and religion and faith are fundamental.

Lastly, there is a book and movie by a woman who suffered a horrible abuse after her Muslim husband changed after marriage. She should read it.

Here are links that may be useful:

Not Without My Daughter, is one of the stories I was thinking of. You can also do a google search on women's rights in Islam and find more.


Bob Kirby

Mike replied:

Hi, Maryam —

I just wanted to add to Bob's answer.

I've pulled some web postings from our database that should help provide some more insight and knowledge that you can share with your sister.

and this is my favorite from a questioner who wanted to convert us to Islam. Eric gave a great answer:

I hope this helps,


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