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Roy Doyle wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Does the Catholic Church teach Supralapsarianism or did She ever teach it?
  • If the Church teaches against it, then how can St. Augustine be a saint since he taught it?

I always believed God wanted all to be saved.

Roy Doyle

  { Does the Catholic Church still teach Supralapsarianism as St. Augustine did? }

John replied:

Hi Roy,

No, It is heretical or several accounts.

I don't know that Augustine actually taught Supralapsarianism but saints are not infallible.

Hippolytus, the saint that authored the second Eucharistic prayer, became an anti-pope and went into schism because the Western Church stopped offering the Liturgy in Greek and switched the Latin ... Sound familiar?

At the time of Augustine, the Church's soteriology was less defined. In fact, it's not dogmatically defined yet as several theories of atonement and salvation had been proposed throughout the centuries.

Since then, we know that Christ died for all men. He did not create some to be reprobate.

Supralapsarianism, like most heresies, is an attempt to over-define a mystery and when you do that, you will more than likely wind up in heresy.


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