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Lakisha Johnson wrote:

Hi, guys —

I have questions concerning quack faith healer John of God. I have been researching him and came across your site and reviewed the comments, like those found on the following web page:

Richard replied:

Hi Chris,

I see what you mean. Joao Teixeira de Faria sounds like any number of other charlatan psychic surgeons.

From the description on his promotional web site he's plainly engaged in practices of spiritism:

"he can call on more than 34 doctor entities who use him as a vessel to perform the amazing surgery and healing. Joao is an unconscious medium, she explains, who does not remember anything once he is incorporated by entity. The principal entity is Dom Inácio, after whom the centre is named — Casa De Dom Inácio."

As you know, spiritism is a religion contrary to the doctrine of the Catholic Church; in Brazil, the Church makes considerable efforts to warn Catholics against it.

Regarding Christina Gallagher, I wrote an item on the "Catholic Light" blog last year with an overview of her problems:

— RC

I am at a loss to explain the what I found here and hopefully you can shed some light.

This week I had the privilege to hand over a degree signed by Cardinal Bertone, the secretary of Vatican-State that honors John of God as a knight-commander of the Order of St Gregory the Great.

A wonderful signal of the Catholic Church to honor a man who certainly has facilitated more miracle healing than all Saints together.

Joao de Deus is the greatest living representative of Spiritism tradition, in the country that has the greatest number of practitioners — Brazil.
John of God considers Chico Xavier his mentor and guide that brought him to establish his clinic in Abadania.

In Brazil where I see more people going to church and where churches of all sizes are full even during the week. Spiritism, by most, is not considered a replacement for Religion but an addition. Also John of God leaves no doubt about his primary allegiance to the Catholic tradition and in particular that of the Jesuits, as he named his clinic after Ignatius de Loyola the founder of the Jesuits whom he considers his guide and the symbol of the Jesuits and their motto Ad maiorem Dei gloriam.

This move by the Catholic Church that is perfectly formulated by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, connects our times with the tradition in which Jesus was spreading his word through the healing miracles that he performed.

It appears that this person Kiran Schmidt is somehow connected with Catholic Church and the Holy See. More importantly, there is a photo on this web page and story of how john of god was affirmed by the Pope. This is most strange!

I hope you can make some sense out of this.

  • Is it possible to truly check this?
  • Did the Pope really give recognition to this charlatan john of god?


Lakisha Johnson

  { Did the Pope really give recognition to, and knight, this charlatan, john of god? }

Mike replied:

Hi Lakisha,

Just by reviewing this site:

I can tell it has no credibility at all. On one page a category at the top lists:

New Age Favorites

No pope: past, present or future would ever give credence to any New Age material.

That said, even if they claim to be related to an approved Equestrian Order, I wouldn't believe them.

And as Richard said in the quote you sent us:

As you know, spiritism is a religion contrary to the doctrine of the Catholic Church; in Brazil, the Church makes considerable efforts to warn Catholics against it.

This site seems to promote just that!


Eric replied:

Hi, Lakisha —

There is a 16th century Saint named John of God, but it sounds like you are talking about a living person who calls himself John of God. The Wikipedia page sorts it all out:

Note that they distinguish the medium Joao de Deus from John of God the Saint.

It's easy to see how references of the pope to the Saint could be confused for the medium.


Bob replied:


My guess on what happened here was that someone, or some group recommended him for this honorary recognition which requires no real investigation into the inner workings of his methods, and, since it is far from Rome, no one there really knows about him firsthand.

So, Bertone signed off in the dark because he was just fulfilling a request of some devout persons who lauded the great healings.

Only a guess, otherwise it's just hard to believe.

Bob Kirby

Richard replied:

Hi Latisha,

In 2012, the Holy See issued a warning to the public about people claiming fake knighthoods.
It's reported here:

Enough said!

With best wishes,

Richard Chonak

Latisha replied:

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your concern and prompt response. I have also received some replies from Mike, Eric and Bob. Thank you!

I'm at a loss to explain the connection to the document that they are posting. Is it real? I checked again and is made out to Joannem Teixiera de Faria. I believe it's the quack faith healer's john of god's real name in Latin — clearly no mistaking it for Saint John of God. The document also appears to state the Pope's Name: Benedict XVI and Ordinis Sancti Gergorii Magni.

Following the hyper links you suggested I have also tried to check on the Order of Saint Gregory the Great. The Order of Saint Gregory the Great seems to be approved by the Holy See.

As I understand your stated answers, the Pope and Catholic Church wouldn't endorse, affirm or give any positive reply to:

  • this man
  • his fake faith healing practices, and
  • his beliefs in spiritism and so-called entities.

But here is the confirmation, which appears real!! It just doesn't make sense.

  • Do you think there is a way to investigate this matter?

These people are using this document to further their new age beliefs and practices and hope to convince the gullible, innocent, sick, and desperate.

Joao Teixeira de Faria Is John Of God, Brazil's So-called Psychic Surgeon

[Web Administrator's note: Lakisha sent us a link to a web page on
the Because of the lack of objectivity of this site,
it has not been posted.]

Thank you,


Richard replied:

Dear Lakisha,

If this guy were really getting a knighthood from the Pope, he would receive it in a ceremony from the bishop who nominated him.

— RC
[The original posting and answer]

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