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Sara Iam wrote:

Hi, guys —

I have a question about Catholics and pork. I googled this up and found two links from where you say it does not apply to Catholics but I also found a site: which sites where it says Catholics should not eat pork.

They sited Leviticus — Chapter 11.

  • If this does not apply to Catholics, can you clarify the issue?

I'm a bit confused and don't know which to follow. site:

Your site:



  { Can you clarify the conflicting answer between your web site and this one on eating pork? }

Bob replied:


The Old Testament Kosher laws were abrogated in the council of Jerusalem by the early Apostles.
Study Acts 15, with some contextual commentary to help. Therefore, they do not apply to us today.

I'm not sure how you concluded from the other site that they were instructing you not to eat pork. I did see the Old Testament citation, but I did not see anything else indicating that instruction.

  • Did you ask them the question directly?

If so, you were misled.

Also, read 1 Corinthians 10:23ff where Paul talks more specifically to the point of food. One of the big taboos in the Early Church was idol food, which posed a problem, but aside from that,
Jewish ceremonial laws (kosher) were no longer in force.

If you are interested, Here is a Catholic Culture review of

Their Fidelity rating is Caution.


Bob Kirby

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