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Kevin wrote:

Dear Friends,

On many paranormal documentaries I have seen on occasion a psychic, medium, or Shaman (someone who practices Wicca or magic), help a family against misguided and earth-bound spirits who:

  • are lost
  • are stalking them, or
  • tormenting them demonically.
  • Are they serving God and Jesus, in a different manner then we would think of, by helping people tormented by supernatural forces?
  • Also, is it dangerous to be obsessed with God?

I have seen in documentaries and fictional shows, people who have an unhealthy obsession with God do heartless things like:

  • kill people they deem unfit to live, or
  • lead people away from the faith by creating cults.

Thank you for your time.


  { Can a psychic or medium serve God in a good way and is it dangerous to be obsessed with God? }

Bob replied:


The way the media depicts people of devout faith is that they are deviant, fanatical, and dangerous which is totally untrue and belies the media bias. In every demographic there are people who are mentally ill and dangerous. The vast majority of religious (Christian) people are peaceful, moral, kind, and generous.

They are misrepresented by the media because there is a global spiritual war going on, and Satan, who is the enemy, has control of the media. Consider it wartime propaganda.

The mediums who help people may believe they are doing good, and in some cases a good result may appear to be in effect, but they are being manipulated by demons who ultimately have control, and will do what they please.

  • Would you go into a gang-infested neighborhood and start negotiating with gangs to get protection from other gangs?

This wouldn't be the most sound reasoning, unless you think the rightful authorities have no effect. In this case, however, we have An Authority that is powerful.

They only true way to rid oneself of the pestilence of demonic harassment is by exorcism, through the power of Christ, who does not yield to any other spirit. It is only to Him that every knee shall bend, every power is subject, and perfect protection comes. (Philippians 2:10-11) If we stay in the state of grace, call on His Name to protect us and deliver us, no spirit can overcome us.

Lastly, the ultimate secret weapon is the Blessed Mother Mary. She has been designated by God to crush the head of the serpent. It severely blows Satan's mind that the smallest, weakest, handmaid of the Lord can completely whip his behind. Think how much that would destroy his ego. Stay close to Mary and she will offer you her mantle of protection which no demon can get through.

The other mediums are playing with fire and are not safe nor sanctioned by Christ.


Bob Kirby

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