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Mish Khams wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am 28 years old. I have not had a date for a year. I keep praying for a husband and twins but
I'm scared my prayers are not being answered.

  • What do I do?

I'm in Tanzania.

Please try and give me a practical answer.

Thank you.


  { What do I do if my prayers for a future husband and twins are not being answered? }

Mike replied:

Dear Mish,

Thanks for the question.

It's normal and natural that you desire a family (a husband and children within the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony). These desires were built into us and is what brings forth the next generation of Catholic Christians to spread the fullness of the Christian Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am not familiar with the cultural support systems you have in the Tanzania area of Africa but depending on what is available to you, I would first see what social programs are available at your local parish. At most Catholic parishes there are many ministries you can participate in where you can meet new friends and possible future husbands. Your local Tanzanian diocese may have social programs you can get involved in as well.

If that is not enough and the Tanzanian area has internet access, you may want to try some
on-line Catholic dating services to meet future husbands, though I strongly recommend trying the local parish and diocesan route first. Try these from CatholicMatch [Rating]



If you try some on-line dating services to meet a future husband, before things get too involved, it's important to meet him face to face at a given physical location.

You will be marrying a person, not an e-mail.

As you start to date various men, you want to keep in mind that you never want to date someone that you also wouldn't consider marrying; that's the purpose of dating — to see if you could make a life time commitment of love to this man.

As with all desires and needs, we have to start our petitions with prayer. The Lord will never turn away the voice of someone who loves Him and will only give us that which is good for us.

The tough part: We have to accept His Will and His Timing on these issues.

In addition, not all women are blessed to be able to give birth to children. Again, we have to accept His Will and know that there is always a purpose to our lives. That's the best advice I can give; my colleagues may have more to add.

I know one of my colleague has tried and spoken highly of: Ave Maria Singles.

I hope this helps,


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