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ConfusedByMyDoctor wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a female freshman in college. I have had something wrong with my menstrual cycle for a few years and I went to my OBGYN this year. She gave me a medicine called medroxyprogesterone to take. She told me that it will make my ovaries release eggs again.

I am not trying to get pregnant right now, but I would like to know what the Catholic Church's view of my doctor's advice is, since it is a manipulation of what should be a natural process.

I am not going to take this medicine if it is considered a sort of birth control pill that the Catholic faith does not approve of.

Thank you,


  { What is the Catholic Church's view of my doctor's advice, seeing I'm not trying to get pregnant? }

Mike replied:

Dear ConfusedByMyDoctor,

We aren't doctors so we really can't help you with a question like this.

Most of the time, we refer people to:

The National Catholic Bioethic Center

They should be able to address your question here:

Submit a Request

The Couple to Couple League or someone from NaproTechnologies may be able to give you some insight as well.

I hope this helps,


ConfusedByMyDoctor replied:

Thank you very much!

I appreciate your help and I also really appreciate you keeping everything private and anonymous.

This is such a great web site / resource for Catholics to have!


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