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Karina Barajas wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a Catholic and I'm getting married to a non-Catholic.

  • He has agreed to raise our children Catholic but his mom wants us to get married in a non-Catholic Christian church, so we were wondering if we can actually have both the priest and the Protestant pastor celebrate the wedding on the same day?

I have found a church where one can celebrate a wedding no matter what religion they are.

  • Can a priest and a pastor officiate the same wedding?


  { Can we get married twice; once in a church where it doesn't matter what religion you are? }

Mike replied:

Hi Karina,

Thanks for the question.

I had a little difficulty understanding your question but I think you were asking if you could have a Catholic marriage in a non-Catholic building celebrated by both a Catholic priest and Protestant minister. The simple answer is no.

For a Catholic marriage you only need one witness, either a priest or a pastor.

All Catholics have to marry according to form. This posting explains what that means:

  • It is good that your future spouse wishes to raise your children Catholic but if your mother knows this, why would she think either of you would want to get married outside the Church?

I hope this helps,


Fr. Jonathan replied:


That was not a good answer.

They can get the proper dispensation and permission to have one ceremony in the non-Catholic Church and both the Catholic Priest and the Minister can participate.

The key is this is not two Catholics. Your answer makes sense only if they are both Catholic.

Tell them they don't have to do two ceremonies; we will recognize the one. They should go to their parish priest and work out the details.

Fr. Jonathan

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