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Jeremy S. wrote:

Hi, guys —

Lately, I am filled with overwhelming guilt.

I went to a Catholic priest:

  • confessed my sins, some which were illegal
  • was forgiven, and
  • he absolved me of my sins.

I even asked the priest if I should turn myself in for some of the stupid things I did in my past and was told, No.

  • Why do I still feel so guilty if I confessed everything?


  { Why do I still feel so guilty if I confessed everything? }

Mike replied:

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the question.

First, let me clarify up front we are not priests nor trained in spiritual counseling. Our team would recommend you find a spiritual director to guide you through issues like these.

I can only suggest my personal, and fallible opinion. The important thing I would like to affirm is that your sins are forgiven; just do the penance your Confessor gave you.

If you have done that and still feel guilty, maybe the Holy Spirit is guiding you to do more than the minimum penance required for the absolution of your sins. We all have the "nature law" written into our souls when we are born.

The nature law is that thing inside you that tells you right, from wrong, without anyone directly telling you.

Maybe the natural law is telling you to make some type of additional recompense. I don't know and, again, we are not priests nor trained in spiritual counseling.

Find a good spiritual director to talk about the issues, a good priest that is faithful to the Church. He can guide you through any nuances of your unique situation.

I hope this helps,


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