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WorriedAboutConfession wrote:

Hi, guys —

In my previous Confessions I had always confessed having "indulged in lustful thoughts" for XX number of times, however, upon reflecting on this, I realized that some of those thoughts included elements of unnatural sex [and/or] forbidden relationships.

  • Would these have increased the gravity of the sin thus requiring I re-confess these sins including those details?

Thank you,


  { After further reflecting on my previous Confessions, should I re-confess my sins? }

Mike replied:

Dear Worried,

Thanks for the question.

If you when into Confession with the intention of mentioning all your mortal and venial sins, you shouldn't be worried about whether your sins were forgiven. They were! As long has you heard the Priest/Confessor say:

I absolve you of your sins.

Your sins have been forgiven. You re-affirm this belief every Sunday when you renew your covenant with the Lord in the Nicene Creed saying:

I believe in the forgiveness of sins.

If you have any question as to whether you could have made a better Confession, talk it over with the Confessor and ask him next time you go to Confession; it may also put your mind at ease. Giving counsel to his penitents is one of the areas he has been trained in.

If you think you are a scrupulous person, I would highly recommend a Spiritual Director. This is a priest that knows you very well who you see on a regular basis for Confessions.

I hope this helps,


Worried replied:


Thank you.

I had read this message just moments before Confession, and the priest was kind enough to listen to my clarifications as well as answer my other questions.


Mike replied:

Glad we could help.

Any other questions, just come back.


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