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Lydia wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am 13-years-old and my parents don't really mind if I watch PG-13 rated movies, but I don't like them, mostly because of the swearing and certain scenes they have. I really don't like the swearing they have probably because I think I am doing something wrong if I hear them. Most of the time, the violence is okay by me.

I don't really think God intended us to just watch G-rated movies.

  • Because God wants us to be pure and clean, I was wondering whether it is really okay to watch PG-13 rated movies?
  • If there is something bad in a movie, does it mean I should not watch it, and if I do, it is a serious sin?
  • If you know it may, or will, contain these things or is rated PG-13, should I watch them even if my parents let me watch them?
  • If there is a bad word, I can always say another, not so bad word afterward, or should I only watch G-rated movies?

I would like some help.

Thanks so much,


  { Since God wants us to be pure and clean of heart, is it okay to watch PG-13-rated movies? }

Mike replied:

Hi Lydia,

Thanks for the question.

I searched the database for you and found this posting which should help answer your question.
If not, just come back and follow-up.

I hope this helps,


John replied:

Well Lydia,

The fact that your parents would allow you to watch a movie that is rated PG-13 means that they think you mature enough to be able to handle it.

More importantly, the very fact that you want to guard your heart and mind from scenes and information that might tempt you, is a real sign that you are certainly spiritually mature for your age. It's a sign that God has really given you a gift; one for which you should be very thankful.

If your conscience is telling you not watch such movies, then by all means you should not. That's the Holy Spirit working in you.

As Christians we should all be careful about what we watch and what we listen to. St. Paul warns us in his letters to meditate on holy things and avoid things that cause us to sin.

By the same token, the fact that you want to avoid these things, means that if you are exposed to them, and you're probably able to handle them. That doesn't mean you should go out of your way to watch or listen to them. It just means you're doing a good job at knowing what is right and wrong, and doing an equally good job of avoiding what is bad.

That said, my advice is to not watch these movies though sometimes they aren't all bad.

Some may contain good things, but they are true to life or realistic. For example, they may be historical and in portraying history, they might contain accurate scenes in which the character says or does things which are wrong. In these instances, it's not always wrong to watch them. Again, it depends on why the scene is there and why you're watching it. We have to exercise good judgment. It sound like you have good judgment and your parents recognize it.

It's probably a good idea to pray before making a decision to see such movie. Ask God for wisdom in your decision-making and ask God to protect you from temptation if you should decide to watch a movie that might contain mature scenes.

I hope this helps,


Lydia replied:

Thanks so much.

Yes, I think it helped. You guys are great!

Thanks again!


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