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Anna wrote:

Hi, guys —

I just started Confirmation but, I have a question that I need answered ASAP!

What if you didn't go to church for a while but then you did start attending and confessed your sins but it was during Mass when the Father says:

"Ask God for forgiveness."
(I don't have good memory so I don't know if that's exactly what he said.)

and after that, you ate the bread and drank the wine and continued to eat the bread and drink the wine every Sunday during Mass.

  • Is that a major mortal sin?
  • If I were to die now, would I go to Hell because of that?

I don't want to go to Hell! Please help!

  • What should I do?


  { Is confessing during Mass good enough to receive Holy Communion? }

Paul replied:

Hello Anna,

  • First, it is not bread and wine that you are receiving at Mass; it is the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in the form of bread and wine.

  • Secondly, you should have gone to the Sacrament of Confession before receiving Holy Communion, but don't fret — if you did not know this you are not guilty of sin.

    Just be sure to go to Confession before you receive Communion again, and tell the priest all you've mentioned here.

Congratulations on coming back home to Christ's Church!


Anna replied:

Thank you Paul!

You have made me feel almost completely relived and I am happy about that, honestly! But after a while of debating I have decided that I will go to Confession when I am ready, because ... honestly ... I'm a bit scared and nervous of going but don't worry I won't be taking the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ until I go to Confession, but I will continue to go to church every Sunday.

I hope that it won't be trouble for God or anybody else.

Thank you yet again,


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