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John Walker wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • What is the Catholic Church's belief regarding the theory or concept of the New Age Indigo children?


  { How did the Church view the theory or concept of the New Age Indigo children? }

Mike replied:

Hi John,

The Church wouldn't put any credibility into pseudoscientific New Age theories.

I've never heard of New Age Indigo children but found this wiki-article other readers who have never heard of the term, may find helpful:


John replied:

Hi, John —

I'd agree with Mike, the New Age is, for the most part, pure heresy.

The New Age tries to separate spirituality from accountability for the Natural Law to a personal and Holy God. In doing so, they seek to divorce religion from morality, in particular sexual morality.

But it does recognize that man is a spiritual being. As such, man including children, are gifted with super natural gifts. Children in their innocence and unjaded by rationalism may be more sensitive to matters of the spirit.

So New Age, might be picking up on a truth and trying to define it, however, the spiritual realm is not always Holy. In fact it can also be deceptive. When people seek out these spiritual experiences, whether it be:

  • fortune telling
  • mediums, or
  • spirit guides

they open themselves up to the lies of Satan and his minions. Satan, doesn't care if you worship him. He only cares about keeping you from worshiping and obeying God.

So I'd recommend staying away from anything related to New Age. There isn't anything New about it. It's just witchcraft under a different name.


Richard replied:

John —

The Church couldn't possibly keep up with all the spiritual or pseudo-scientific theories that people generate.

However, there are critiques of the idea of indigo children from the viewpoint of psychology:

— RC

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