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Angie De Blasio wrote:

Hi, guys —

A friend of mine, in an effort to demean the Catholic religion and strengthen her belief in so called spirituality, sent me this quote.

Religion is the rules, regulations, ceremonies and rituals developed by man to create conformity and uniformity in an approach to God.

Spirituality is God's call in your soul.

  • How can I respond to this kind of thinking and defend my belief in a religion namely —
    my Catholic faith?


  { How can I defend my Catholic faith against what my friend is saying about organized religion? }

Paul replied:

Dear Angie,

Your friend speaks as if the Catholic Church is man's Church rather than God's. The Holy Spirit was sent on Pentecost Sunday over 2,000 years ago for Him to form, lead, inspire, and guide His Church. All things related to faith, morals, worship, and practice are guided by the Holy Spirit and promulgated with the authority of Christ that He gave St. Peter and the Apostles to pass on to their successors.

Spirituality and religion cannot be separated. Without a right relationship with God based on His revealing Himself through His Church (religion) there could not be a proper formation of one's spiritual life and conscience.


Angie replied:

Hi Paul,

I wish to thank you for your response. I really appreciate your words and advice. Please pray to the Holy Spirit for me — that He may guide me in the use of His instructions.

God bless you


Paul replied:

You're welcome.

The word spirituality is a vague, slippery word that can mean anything the person wants it to mean.

Often it's used in an attempt to be one's own god and not submit oneself to God and His Will as He revealed it to us in Scripture and Tradition (the Church's teachings).

God bless,


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