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Julien Hobeika wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a Catholic that is looking forward to get married in the future to a Muslim woman. We have both agreed that in the future our children will be baptized and brought up as Christians. She was raised as well as between Christian families where she and her family also celebrated Christmas and Easter, for example.

The only thing is, she would like to stick to her own religion and beliefs.

  • Is it possible to get married in the Church without my future Muslim wife converting?

I know that civil marriage is forbidden; that is why I am trying to find a way to resolve this issue.

Thanks you.


  { Is it possible to get married in the Catholic Church without my future Muslim wife converting? }

Mike replied:

Dear Julien,

This posting should answer most of your question:

The short answer is no, she need not convert but she has to agree that the children be raised Catholic, not just Christian. The Church cannot baptize any child without a good hope that they will be raised Catholic, because this is what She and we believe is best for them, as well as your future wife.

I am very concerned that you may not be aware of how different the Islamic faith is from the Catholic faith, though your future wife may be.

You said:
The only thing is, she would like to stick to her own religion and beliefs.

I understand her reasoning seeing she could be killed for converting to another faith.

  • Did she tell you this?
  • Are you aware of the silent sharia?
  • Why would your future wife want to adhere to a faith that greatly disrespects women and limits their freedom?
  • Does she know that from a Catholic view, she is made in the image and likeness of God and is very precious in His eyes?

The theological differences are so great!

Catholics believe in a [Loving Father/Loving Son] relationship.

This is blasphemous to practicing Muslims as the only relationship they are allowed to accept is a [Master/Slave] theology. This is why there is so much infighting among Muslims themselves.
My colleagues may have something else to say, but I would seriously talk these issues over before things get more serious.

Here is a posting from a Muslim that wished to convert us. I think you will find it interesting:

I hope this helps,


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