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Kevin wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Could an angel, or any good spirit possess someone when they give their consent?

Thank you for your time.


  { Could an angel, or any good spirit possess someone when they give their consent? }

Mike replied:

Hi Kevin,

A guardian or any good angel would not, but a demonic angel, with our consent, definitely would step in and possess us.

This is the problem with some of these new age prayer techniques that ask the participants to empty all thoughts from their mind as a part of the technique.

It leaves the door wide open for the demonic, through the prayer leader, to step in and have a new set of thoughts placed into the empty soul.


John replied:

Hi, Kevin —

Just to clarify, by consent we don't necessarily mean that people are evil and willing want a demon to possess them but, most of the time, demons present themselves as what St. Paul called "angels of light." (2 Corinthians 11:14) The deceive people into thinking they are good. People start playing around with spiritism, astrology, etc.

So as Mike rightly points out, this leaves the door wide open for demonic possession and or oppression.


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