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Kevin wrote:

Hi, guys —

  1. Is it possible for angels or good spirits to act through humans, to do God's work?
  2. God would want us to keep faith in people, and the good inside of them, right?
  3. Does God sometimes intervene on love matters?
  4. God expects us to be good, not perfect right?


  { Is it possible for angels or good spirits to act through humans, to do God's work? }

Paul replied:

Dear Kevin,

I counted four quick questions here, so I'll attempt four rather quick answers:

  1. Angels and disembodied saints would not simply act through people as if people were objects for use. They can pray for people, even inspire and guide people, but our free will and personhood are always respected.
  2. I'm not sure I understand your second question. It certainly is the goal to be in union with God and neighbor but the latter sometimes takes on different form depending on the relationship and situation.
  3. In one sense God is always intervening, for by His will and power we remain in existence. God can intervene in a special way by grace and in response to prayer.
  4. In Matthew 5:48 Jesus asks His disciples to "be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect." Holiness is the goal here on earth, and imperfect holiness is not where we should stop the journey. What God "expects" is a mystery to us, but what He requests is that we follow Him as perfectly as we are able to.



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