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Kevin wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • I was wondering is it possible to make either a deal, bargain, petition, pact, or agreement with God?

Thank you for your time.


  { Is it possible to make either a deal, bargain, petition, pact, or agreement with God? }

Paul replied:

Dear Kevin,

It seems to me the pact has already been given to us by Jesus Himself in the Our Father prayer that He gave us: "Thy will be done."

That is the one attitude we need to have with God, that His will be done, and that we accept it, whatever it is.

All other petitions must be subservient to this one.

Perhaps my colleagues will have something different to add.



Mike replied:

Hi Kevin,

Let me add to what Paul has said.

Without knowing it, every Catholic who receives the sacraments makes a covenant oath, deal or pact with the Lord. The word sacrament comes from a Greek word meaning, "to seven oneself" or to swear an oath.

For each of the seven sacraments we make a mini-covenant with God, He is swearing to hold His part of what the sacrament promises. Though we can, and usually do, break our oath, He never breaks His.

If you want a great book on this, read Scott Hahn's book:

Swear to God: the power and promise of the Sacraments

I've read all seven Doubleday books that Scott has written and have been so impressed with the insights, history, and views he has brought to the table for the ordinary Catholic in the pew to be reenergized, historically and theologically.

Religious monks and nuns also make solemn vows and oaths. Some are temporary, some are

A part from my initial answer, I think the intent behind your question was,

"If I do this, will God do this."

It depends on whether it will lead you to your vocation or calling. We should all be open to growing in our prayer life and knowledge of the faith and as my colleague Paul said,

"Let His will be done."

Hope this helps,


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