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Daniel M. Cordosi wrote:

Hi, guys —

I was told by a Baptist minister, that our Blessed Mother cannot hear our prayers.

  • Can this be true?

Have I been deceived all these years. Please clear this up for me.

Thank you!


  { Is this Baptist minister correct in saying that our Blessed Mother cannot hear our prayers? }

Paul replied:

Dear Daniel,

The Blessed Mother can hear our prayers. All saints and angels that are in Christ can hear our prayers, and being mother of Christ, Mary is the number one saint.

Another way of saying it is that all spirits and souls in Heaven can hear our prayers.



Mike replied:

Hi Dan,

Just to add to what Paul has said, Mary and the saints are more alive than we are on earth.

Both my parents passed away within the past few years, but I always put them in charge,
prayer-wise, of the things I remember them being best at. For example:

When it comes to finances:
I ask that my father and St. Joseph team together to guide me.

When it comes to issues dealing with the laundry:
I ask that my mom and Our Blessed Mother team together to guide me.

Because both Mom, Dad, St. Joseph, and our Blessed Mother are "in Jesus" as the body of Christ, the Lord gets all the credit. For neither Mary, nor St. Joseph, nor mom, nor dad, could do anything apart from Jesus. Human families have family fights, but divine families don't.

  • On what biblical basis does a Baptist minister have to say that Our Blessed Mother cannot hear our prayers?

That's crazy and the Early Church Fathers, the very first Christians, would agree with me.

Check out my new web site dedicated to them here:

This posting may help clear up things for him, if he is open to listening to you:


Daniel replied:

Dear Mike,

Thanks ever so much for your reply to a must difficult question, you have no idea how much this question has torn me apart.

Thank you again my friend and God bless.


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