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InterestedInJoining wrote:

Dear AskACatholic,

I am 16 right now and wish to become Catholic, however, my dad and step mom do not like the Catholic Church very much.

  • Do I need their permission to become Catholic?
  • And how exactly should I go about becoming Catholic?

Thank you for answering my question,


P.S.: There is a Catholic parish down the road from my house so I could walk there if there wasn't a car available. We have 2 cars and both my dad and step mom work.

  { Can I become a Catholic at age 16 even if my dad and step mom don't like the Church? }

Mike replied:

Dear InterestedInJoining,

Thanks for the question.

This is a common question; it's even in our searchable knowledge base.
There are a lot of quick answers there, so give it a try.

I searched our knowledge base for you and think these postings should address most of you question. If not, just come back and ask.

I'm not sure at what age the Church allows you to choose your faith on your own — apart from your parents. Maybe my colleagues know.

I would guess it is probably 18, Fr. Jonathan?


Fr. Jonathan replied:


Thank you for writing to the Archdiocese with your question. I applaud the fact that you want to take ownership of your faith and I welcome you.

At the same time that I want you to come into the Church, I would not want to cause a rift in your family.

To answer your question, technically you are of an age where you can make your own decision to come into the Catholic Church, but you are also a minor and therefore need to abide by your parents.

Perhaps the best option for you is to go and speak with the priest in the Catholic Church near you and he can give you further guidance. Maybe that priest can help you prepare to become a Catholic in these two years before you are 18.

Be careful, and remember a good Catholic honors their father and mother. At the same time, sometimes our adult decisions, to follow where God calls, are contrary to our friends and family.

Whether it is the priest or the youth minister or just someone who is Catholic — find someone who can answer your questions as they come up.

Clearly God is calling you, but the call from God is a beginning and not an end — be ready to take a path you could never have predicted and enjoy the road along the way.

Fr. Jonathan

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