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Kate wrote:

Hi, guys —

My boyfriend and I have a daughter together. We were both baptized Catholic, but we aren't practicing Catholics. We are not married but want our daughter to be baptized in the Catholic church like we were.

  • Will Catholic churches baptize our daughter, even though we are not married?



  { We are Catholic so, will Catholic churches baptize our daughter, even though we are not married? }

Mike passed on Fr. Jonathan's reply saying:

Hi Kate,

I sent your question to our priest-helper, Fr. Jonathan. He replied:

We certainly would encourage them to come back to the practice of the faith.
If they are ready to get married, the question is about the child, and not them. Their status as married or not is not the key question as the child should not suffer the consequences of the parents' action.

There must be a real guarantee that the child will be brought up in the practice of the Catholic faith. In this case, if the parents will not go to Church, the selection of godparents is particularly important. If they choose godparents who will take over the role and bring them up in the Catholic faith (for example some grandparents do this) then we might do it — otherwise "no", we wouldn't.

The very fact that she is asking opens the door to an excellent pastoral conversation as to what she is looking for — for the child, as well as for her own soul.

Fr. Jonathan


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