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Kevin wrote:

Hi, guys—

I want to understand and get other views of paranormal Investigator groups and the people they work with to combat the supernatural.

My Grandmother once said salvation is for everyone, so I believe that includes people who claim to be mediums, psychics, even those who practice Magic.

Thank you for your time.


  { If salvation is for all, then why can't mediums, psychics, and those who profess Magic be saved? }

Paul replied:

Hello Kevin,

Your grandmother is right in that salvation is offered to everyone but that doesn't mean all will be saved. That is a matter of our "Yes" to God, our cooperation with His grace. One that rejects God with mortal sin and refuses to repent cannot be saved.

The word of God in both Scripture and Tradition teaches us to stay clear of occult figures like those you have mentioned. Trusting in them is a direct way of violating the First Commandment.


Kevin replied:


  • Is it not possible that faith and belief in goodness is enough to bring any soul to God?

I would like to believe so.

Thank you for your time.


Paul replied:

Dear Kevin,

It depends on what you mean by faith, and what you mean by goodness.

If faith is:

  • a lived faith rather than just a head faith, and
  • there's a recognition that God and His Will is goodness, rather than just some vague concept

then your sentence makes perfect sense.


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