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The Truth wrote:

Hi, guys —

I recently came across a fact that continues to perplex me.

The Catholic Church has enough money to end world hunger.

  • Does that make sense to you?

A Church has enough money to end world hunger, yet they don't.

  • Isn't that the point of a church?

It's so backward, its funny. They have enough money to end world hunger yet they hoard all the cash, which they proclaim to be evil, and spend it all on lawsuits because they molest children.

  • Please tell me why anyone, who has more than one brain cell, would ever be a Catholic?

It's like a family that lets their children starve ... and then rapes them!

It's literally pure evil — the opposite of God, yet somehow you say your Antichrist of a leader, the child probing pope, has some relation with God! Who the hell do you think you are: the most disgusting vile scum of the earth.

Please respond to this. Just don't delete it because you know its true you can't just toss these facts aside as "heresy". The heresy is the leader of your religion who is mass murdering the starving and raped children.

— God

  { Please tell me why anyone, who has more than one brain cell, would ever be a Catholic? }

Eric replied:

Dear T.T.,

  • On what basis do you conclude that the Church is rich enough to end world hunger?

I think people grossly overestimate the alleged riches of the Church.

  • Do you realize how many hungry people in the world that is?
  • How long would that last? A day? A week?
  • Those priceless works of art — would they not go to private collectors where no one could see them?
  • Where would people worship?
  • How would they worship?
  • What about the donors who paid for these items — does the Church have a right to sell them off?

  • If you truly believe this, why don't you sell your house and all your possessions and give them to the poor?

I'd have respect for someone who did that and I'd listen to what they had to say.

The Church does not exist to feed the hungry, but to save souls. That is the more important role because that affects our eternal life; hunger only affects this life. Don't get me wrong, feeding the hungry is tremendously important, but if the Church puts itself out of business, which is essentially what you're talking about:

  • the poor will quickly be hungry again
  • we'd be out a Church, and
  • souls would not have access to the grace that brings them to Heaven.

That's a bit like saying,

Let's sell the United States Constitution to cover the national debt.

It's foolhardy to sell the patrimony of the Church.

There is also the matter that people connect with the beauty of churches and the art, and it brings them closer to God.

  • Shall we deprive them of that?
  • I do not know if you are Christian, but if you are, why did God command such a lavish and expensive temple to be built for Himself in Scripture if He would prefer the money be spent on the poor?

We've answered this question before. Read this posting:

The Church does not proclaim money to be evil. Scripture says the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, not money is the root of all evil. (1 Timothy 6:10)

As for your comments about molesting children, Protestant ministers, teachers, coaches, doctors, and others molest children at the same rate that Catholic priests have, if not higher, and those have been covered up.

  • No one is condoning this behavior, but are you going to say the same thing about them?
  • Do you think this problem is unique to Catholics?
  • Are you happy with the vicious hatred in your heart?
  • Is it Godly?
  • Does it lead you to happiness?
  • Is it noble, good and beautiful?
  • And, if not, why cling to it?


Mike replied:

Dear T.T.

In addition to my colleague Eric's comments let me give you what you asked for:

As to your accusations against scandalous members of our Church, have you ever heard the words:

"Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone." John 8:7

  • Are you sinless or without fault?


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