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Jennifer Stewart wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Is there a program (during Sunday Mass) for children?

I grew up in a Pentecostal church and we always had classes during service for each age group.


  { Is there a program (during Sunday Mass) for children? }

Mike replied:

Hi Jenn,

I can only speak for Catholic parishes in my area but usually many have a children's Mass at 9:00am or so, while others have one Mass for adults and another Mass for children, downstairs.

I've also been at parishes where there is one Mass but, after the readings, the children will be lead downstairs for a talk given at their level by someone of the pastor's choosing, while the adults listen to the regular homily of the celebrant.

The children return to the pews upstairs after the celebrant's homily is over.

Practices vary from parish to parish on this non-doctrinal, but pastoral issue.

The key thing to remember is going to Sunday Mass is not something we do without a solid reason. God Himself doesn't need our worship, but we need the blessings and to perpetually renew our covenant with Him.

When we stop renewing our Sunday covenant with Him, we loose out on graces big-time! and our lives can start to fall apart. ... literally.

P.S. A Catholic should always make sure they are in a state of grace to receive the Blessed Sacrament; if they are unsure, just drop in the parish on a Saturday afternoon.

There is always a priest most of the time who can hear your Confession and, remember, although it appears like you are confessing to a man, Jesus is using the body and mouth of the [man|priest] to absolve you of your sins.

If you are new to the Church, you may be interested in this posting:

Hope this helps,


Jenn replied:

Hi Mike,

I am only curious as to how small children learn about Christ. I am new to the Catholic religion and am wondering where the children learn Jesus' parables or the stories of the Old Testament.


Mike replied:

Hi Jenn,

Maybe I could have been more clear. There are two parts to the Mass:

  1. the Liturgy of the Word and
  2. the Liturgy of the Eucharist

They learn about Christ through the Liturgy of the Word. (the readings from the Scriptures)

Most non-Catholic Christian congregations only have one reading per week, where Catholics who regularly attend Sunday Mass hear up to four readings, if you include the Psalms that are sung.

Most parishes also offer CCD classes, or Christian Education classes, though they can be weak.

In the Catholic Faith the primary educator of the children are the parents. That's why it's important for Catholic parents to know and study both the Scriptures and the Catechism.

You can't pass on values to your children if you don't know them.

  • Does this clarify your question?


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