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Maria wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • How can God be fully just yet fully merciful?

Another question. Somewhere in the Bible, Jesus supposedly stated that the sins of the Father do not reflect on the children. I know I am paraphrasing, but I cannot find the direct quote at this time.

  • If that is the case, how is it that we, the human race, have been born into original sin due to what Adam and Eve did?

I know that free will plays into the situation but, wouldn't it follow that we, again the human race, could be born into the world without original sin, having a connection with God, and still have the free will not be connected, if we so chose; to be given the same opportunity that Adam and Eve supposedly had.


  { How can God be just yet merciful and despite Adam and Eve, couldn't we have still be born pure? }

Paul replied:

Dear Maria,

Great question.

  1. In our limited minds, we tend to think of justice and mercy as two notions contrary to each other. I would see them as the two sides of love, and since God is Love (1 John 4:8) they can be seen as the two "sides" of God. Perfect love is the perfect blend and balance between justice and mercy, of which prudence and wisdom can bring about.

  2. We do not have the exact same kind of opportunity Adam and Eve had because they were head of the human race. They represented all who were to come forth from them, which includes the whole of humanity after them. When their nature was changed due to the sin, that nature was passed on to each generation ever since. Since original sin tainted the human nature each of us would inherit, all humans come forth from the womb imperfect. So while we are individual persons, we all share the same nature; a tainted one due to original sin. In other words, our who-ness (individual identity) is unique, but our what-ness (the nature we inherit) has been diminished and wounded. This will not be cured until the day of the Resurrection when the bodies of the saved will be glorified.



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