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Amy Nguyen wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Do I have to believe in 100 percent of everything the Catholic Church teaches?

I believe in almost everything, but feel skeptical about some stuff. For example, I don't believe that suicide is an unforgivable sin and that I'll lose my salvation if I commit it.

I believe all sins are forgivable by God, and that there is no ranking or comparison when it comes down to sins.

  • What do you think?


  { Do I have to believe in 100 percent of everything the Catholic Church teaches? }

Paul replied:


All sins are potentially forgivable by God, except for the sin of disallowing God's forgiveness.

If we know we have sinned, and we refuse to be contrite and to repent, then we do not ask nor allow God's mercy and do not accept His forgiveness.

This is our rejection of God, not His rejection of us.

The problem with suicide is that there is very little time to seriously repent after the act is committed, which is objectively mortal sin, if one is acting freely and deliberately.

Only God can judge the persons guilt in the matter.


Mike replied:

Hi Amy,

To add to what Paul has said, even single person on the face of the earth has a specific purpose in life. Even those in down times, whether through bad habits, finances, unemployment, or natural disasters. There is nothing He permits, out of which a greater good can't be pulled from.

Despair in all cases is the voice of that bastard Satan. Say No to him, and ask the Lord, in prayer, what your purpose is in life.

These postings from our knowledge base should address your first question:

  • Do I have to believe in 100 percent of everything the Catholic Church teaches?

The short answer is Yes. When we receive Holy Communion each Sunday, it is a public witness that we are "In Communion" with the Teachings of the Church (even if we struggle to understand a few of them). Nevertheless, these postings are definitely worth reading.

Next time you may want to try our knowledge base.
There are a lot of quick answers there, so give it a try.

On the issue of the ranking of sin, I suggest you read: 1 John 5:16-17.

Hope this helps,


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