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Larry wrote:

Hi, guys —

I have been a member of Southern Baptist churches all my life. I am beginning to feel that some things are just not "right". There are so many different denominations in the Protestant religion and we all think, we are all right.

I guess I am just searching for the truth and am currently trying to learn about the Catholic Church. I have some friends that say they are Catholic. I have actually been trying to convert them but I think I know more about their church than they do.

I was always taught that we are saved by faith only and not works but It seems that there are a lot of people in my church that say they are saved but sure don't act any different from the "world".

Anyway, I guess I am just looking for the truth.



  { Can you guide a Southern Baptist on understanding the Catholic Church and how we are saved? }

Paul replied:

Dear Larry,

What is necessary for salvation is the accepting of grace that Christ has won for us by His
self-sacrifice. We receive this grace by faith; we nourish and hang on to it by works. In the Catholic tradition, one cannot commit serious (mortal) sin and expect to retain the salvation that was accepted beforehand. One would have to go to the wonderful Sacrament of Confession to become reconciled to God and His Church.

Salvation is a relationship, with God and His body, the Church, which means that we must maintain and cherish it by cooperating with, rather than rejecting, God's love.



Mike replied:

Hi Larry,

If you are searching for truth and are interested in evaluating the Catholic Church, consider buying a cheap copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

We are the only Christian church that can historically trace its roots back to Jesus.

Yeah, we have scandalous people, once in a while, but after 2,000 years of history, that's more of a proof that our Church is divine. If any other business were financially run like ours, we would have been closed for business a long time along.

I would also recommend reading the on-line related topic from the Catechism on grace, justification, good works, and merit and how they all work together.

This posting may help as well. It's one of our most read postings.


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