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N. Brown wrote:

Dear Mr. Humphrey:

I've been trying to send an e-mail to the Vatican, and/or the Pope, and none of the e-mail addresses online work.

  • Will you please forward this to someone who will show it to the Pope, if possible?

Dear Pope Benedict:

Here in America, we are experiencing a fight from the homosexuals, both male and female, because one of our restaurant chains spoke up against gay "marriages". The restaurant's name is Chick Fil-A, and it's getting to be quite a spiritual battleground, on the news, because of the outrageous things some of the liberal state politicians have done, against Chick Fil-A.

On the good side of the battle, we are going to proclaim August 1st, 2012, as
Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day! Thousands of Christians in America will be going to those restaurants, on August 1st, to purchase a meal.

I think it would be really nice of you, sir, if you would tell the Catholics in the United States about this, because it's not been easy, getting the word out. Most news stations won't cover the Appreciation Day; they only like to talk about the controversy, and not give both sides of the whole story.

Well, Sir, here are a few links to facts, about Chick Fil-A appreciation day from many high profile supporters:

  • Mike Huckabee supports CFA
    [web site hidden]

  • Billy Graham supports CFA
    [web site hidden]

  • Thousands sign up and support CFA
    [web site hidden]

  • Rick Santorum supports CFA
    [web site hidden]


N. Brown

  { If possible, will you please forward this to someone in the Vatican or to the Pope? }

Mike replied:

Dear N.,

I can appreciate your frustrations with e-mailing the pope but beside writing a letter to the given postal addresses on our web site, there's not much I can do.

If all 70 million Catholics in the United States used our web site to reach the Holy Father,
we would never have time to answer questions which is the main focus of our mission.
If I find a way where Catholics in United States can share their thoughts and concerns with the
Holy Father, I'll let you know.

If someone close to the Holy Father regularly reads our postings and can provide a better solution for the questioner please contact me from our biographical background page.



N. Brown replied:

Thanks, anyway, Mike.

Keep me informed, if something changes.

N. Brown

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