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Angelica wrote:

Hi, guys —

I'm a teenage Catholic girl who has always been told birth control is wrong and I agree.

Nevertheless, I want to get on birth control so that I don't have periods as often. I don't think the Pope understands the misery of periods. I think preventing periods is fine as long as I'm not having sex. I am also not preventing a new life from coming into existence because I'm not going to get pregnant anyway.

My question is:

  • If it's only used to prevent periods, is the Catholic Church against birth control, and why?


  { Is the Catholic Church against birth control if it's only used to prevent periods and, if so, why? }

Mary Ann replied:

Dear Angelica,

One is allowed to use fertility-stopping hormones for a medical reason, as long as one is not engaging in sexual activity, however in your case, you are not treating a disease with these hormones, but you simply want to stop your periods.

We are not allowed to destroy a healthy bodily function without grave reason. The fact is that these hormones don't just give you scant periods; they also shut down your entire hormonal system. Your female hormones help to regulate every system in your body. Shutting them down has bad effects, and stops you from ovulating so that your eggs are old when you do finally ovulate (giving rise to higher chance of problems).

Moreover, the hormones used in the pill (made from pregnant horses) are not natural. Even in the case of natural estrogens, exogenous estrogens are a potent carcinogen, according to WHO, the World Health Organization.

The pill also causes strokes and blood clots, especially in young women with a history of migraines. Please at least read the product insert; it will scare you away from the pill. If you do take the pill for such a frivolous reason, you will find:

  • personality change
  • weight gain, and
  • loss of libido, to say nothing of bad moods.

Your female cycle is a good thing, and keeps you in touch with your body and its rhythms. Killing
it is not good. (The pill stops it, substituting a phony, light period.)

If you have any issues with your cycle, I suggest you do two things:

  1. Learn about the natural signs of your cycle, and
  2. find a doctor who specializes in treating women in a healthy way,
    a Naprotechnology practitioner.

Mary Ann

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