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Stations Won wrote:

Hi, guys —

After listening to a CD from Fr. Larry Richards, I read your August 2011 response to Crystal Goodman. My spouse disagrees with your response because we are past child bearing years. [He|She] believes that oral sex is OK. It is so important for my spouse, that without it, we might as well part, after almost 42 years of marriage.

My spouse says that no where in the Bible does God forbid oral sex after childbearing years.

I am concerned for my eternal soul.

Please help me with some advice.


  { How do I reply to my spouse and can a case be make that oral sex is OK after childbearing years? }

Eric replied:

Stations —

I am not sure if your spouse is Catholic, but as Catholics, we follow Scripture and Tradition
(2 Thessalonians 2:15). To say,

"If it's not in Scripture I don't believe it."

is a Protestant concept.

You don't say whether you or your spouse are male or female. Genesis 38:9-10 would demonstrate pretty clearly that for a man to receive oral sex would be sinful, for Onan died because he wasted his seed (semen).

It would be a little harder to prove that cunnilingus is immoral from one verse but when you consider the whole of Scripture, it becomes clearer.


Mary Ann replied:

Stations —

Genital stimulation between spouses is fine and good as long as it is accompanied by intercourse.
The man must not intentionally ejaculate outside of the woman.

Mary Ann

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