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ManInBlack wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Can the sin or sins of incest be forgiven in the Roman Catholic Confession?


  { Can sins of incest be forgiven in the Roman Catholic Confession? }

Paul replied:

Dear ManInBlack,

Yes. All sins can be forgiven by Christ through the Sacrament of Confession.

All that is needed on our part is sincere contrition (sorrow), confession, satisfaction [completion] of the penance the priest gives, and a sincere resolution not to sin again.

With true repentance there is no sin or sins too big for God to forgive.



Mike replied:

Dear ManInBlack,

Because it wasn't mentioned in your question, I just wanted to point out that one has to be a Catholic to go to Confession.

If one is not a Catholic, yet has the desire to go to Confession for this type of sin, I would strongly suggest making an appointment with a Catholic priest for a blessing and some counsel.


Mary Ann replied:

Dear ManInBlack —


All sins can be forgiven under the conditions my colleague Paul mentioned, including having a firm purpose of amendment. There is also the need to make reparation, to do what you can, to make up for and heal the harm you have caused.

A perpetrator of incest would have the duty to discover and correct what in him leads him to do such a thing, and to learn about the harm it does. Such a person would need to take steps to ensure that he or she would never be in a position to repeat the evil, by avoiding the situations and persons involved. He or she would also need to get professional help for the child, if a child
is involved, and would need to confess to the other parent, because of the harm done that parent and that parent's need to be protective.

Mary Ann

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