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Lenny Pedersen wrote:

Hi, guys —

First of all, please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you all for making this most wonderful service available to those of us who have questions regarding Catholicism, or Christianity in general. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

I'm currently researching certain old texts pertaining to various spiritual teachings. While researching these I have found numerous Catholic references, many of which I have no problem looking up on the internet, but some of them are slightly problematic from time to time.

I was hoping someone would be able to assist me.

I have come across a passage that speaks of something called "Missale de Spiritu Sancto" (sic), but I have been unable to find this anywhere on the internet. It is my assumption that in some countries, a certain number of centuries ago, various pieces of Scripture were referenced somewhat differently — such as indicating the closing of the Pater Noster by naming it simply the "ne nos inducas", or referring to John 1 by saying or writing "In principio".

I am assuming the above Missale de Spiritu Sancto is something specific that may be called something entirely different. Due to my lack of Catholic knowledge, I am a Protestant, I am unable to figure out exactly what this is.

I truly hope that you can help me and you won't be bothered by this question.

Thank you so much for your time.


Lenny Pedersen
Osaka, Japan

  { Can you help me figure out what type of spiritual text this is and if it goes by a different name? }

Mary Ann replied:

Hi, Lenny —

Missale refers to a missal, or Mass book. What Missale de Spiritu Sancto is, I do not know.

It may be the title of a Missal, as we used to have them. For instance, before Vatican II,
a laypersons missal (collections of prayers and readings for Mass) might be called a Marian Missal (because it was illustrated with pictures of Mary) or a St. Pius X Missal (in his honor) or something else.

Mary Ann

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